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Search is an experiment in open source.

Typically, a lone developer encounters a problem and goes about the work of solving that problem by writing a gem. Eventually, other developers join the fun, adding their insight and code to the mix. And in some cases, contributors may even form a "core team."

With Search, we're flipping that typical scenario on its head. We're starting with a name and a core team who will commit to support, maintain and improve the gem. Only after the core team is chosen would we discuss which problem revolving around search is best solved by the team. Finally, we solve the problem with code and collaboration.

Meet the Core Team

Join the Conversation

Search has not been written; not by a long shot. We're currently discussing what direction will be most beneficial for the Ruby community. Please join us in our Campfire room to share your ideas.

After we have a short list of potential directions for the gem, we'll bring it to the Ruby community for feedback. Once our direction is clear, let the coding begin!


By no means is contribution limited to the core team. The success of Search depends on the generous help and work of the Ruby community.

Pitching in is easy. Fork the repo and push your improvements. We promise to carefully review every pull request, no matter how big or small. Please help with:

If you're not comfortable writing a bugfix, please feel free to submit a pull request with a broken test exposing the bug.

We'll be adhering to the GitHub Ruby Styleguide so please do likewise when submitting code.

Thank You

Many thanks are due to Ara Howard for relinquishing the "search" gem name after five years of inactivity.